movement is life, the more you move the better your mobility!

Our bodies are designed to move in infinite directions, with fluidity and rhythm. At what age did we stop playing and experimenting with movement? 

We restrict our range of motion by subscribing to everyday patterns, that are generally governed by our occupations. This leads to pain, loss of mobility, monotonous high risk compression, poor posture and inflammation. The perfect recipe for injury, frustration and poor results for your effort.

Our clients movement potential is fussed over and every effort is taken to enhance and manipulate their restrictions to unlock potential and get them moving freer and stronger through movement without that pain!

What if you could move with confidence, more mobility, enhanced stability and more proficiency?

learn to move with your body rather than fight with it

Caution overrides sense when allied health professionals prescribe the best treatment for tension and injury. The WORST form of treatment is purely REST, we know the benefits of movement far out way the initial discomfort associated with introducing new movement pattens into your lifestyle.

We are unique multi-dimensional animals with infinite movement potential, designed to move rhythmically and fluently. Most importantly, we need to move with purpose!

The popularity of Yoga, Pilates and Barre to name a few is becoming stronger than ever, so is our understanding as an industry of how important it is to release tension in the body. Our awareness of the benefits of movement particularly for treatment is becoming more established. However the prescription of movement as medicine and the known mental health benefits are still lagging. Knowledge is one thing, putting it into practise and subscribing to a lifestyle of movement is another!  

Life is movement. Once you stop moving, you’re dead. Choose life.
— Eugen Sandow

you choose your lifestyle...

fitness rewards us all, why do you train?

Does fear paralyse your movement opportunity? Too often, we hear "ohh I could never do that!" Experimentation should excite participation and fun, and reward you with a fit and healthy lifestyle.

"Never say never because limits, like fears, are often just an illusion." ~ Michael Jordan

freer movement is waiting for you...

We are all on point of death, it's how you spend the time savouring these moments and creating experiences that defines you. If you stop moving, resine to a sedentary lifestyle, your time runs out quicker!  

Have you moved freely today?

We wan't to personalise your training, but most importantly make your experience one to remember! We program your training towards a style that you love, not loath!! Do you know your style?