make every session purposeful!

There are many factors that influence your training success, and why some days you feel invincible and others like someone took your batteries out!

Are you ready to train?

Did you sleep?

Have you hydrated?

What did you do yesterday? 

Our clients follow some basic pre-training principles to make sure that they're training style and loading is suitable. We look at:

  1. Physical state (any pain, lethargy, tightness)
  2. Mental/Emotional ready (motivation, emotional state) 
  3. Lifestyle (what you have done earlier)

This gives us a detailed insight into what we're working with, as there is more going on inside, than what we can see on the outside. 

  • Minor Risk (well prepared, no restrictions and minor injury risk)
  • Low Risk (moderate preparation, identified restrictions, and low injury risk)
  • High Risk (poorly prepared, acute movement restrictions, and high injury risk)

We may only see you for 2-4% of your day (30mins-60mins), but the effects of training can last for 24-72 hours, depending on the loading and style of training. 

every day people moving like athletes, every day...


Designated and quantified training is not life's only competition! Just because it doesn't have 4 quarters, 3 umpires and an opponent to tackle, doesn't mean that it doesn't change your body. 

You have every opportunity to undertake incidental exercise, create short stints of controlled stress on the body, and change your mindset. This helps control and build strength, health and mental well-being. 

Our aim is to change your logic and help you see opportunities for lifestyle enhancement! 


We tread a fine line between proven traditional training methods and modern training techniques, this changes the way that the body reacts to training stress. Essentially it always comes back to how much load you can put into your body, and how well you can recover. 

Adaptation comes through manipulation of acute variables, simple tempo changes, different directions of force or a change of resistance medium.

Have you ever tried changing up your regular 'ground and pound' running routine with a shorter sharper sprints session at the beach, barefoot? Running in sand pushes and spreads downwards force, creating a huge variations in foot placement but more importantly bleeds energy, creating a more demanding workout for the effort applied.  Your feet, calves, hamstrings and glutes will get an incredible workout, that will last for days afterwards. 

An example of movement breakdown shown above, was filmed during a restrained running session at the beach. It allows us to analyse your running gait and core activation, giving a more detailed postural analyses, making programming exercises more accurate. Relevant feedback is then discussed in detail and a direct action plan executed. 

Training should be exciting, challenging and sometimes out of the box! Your body will crave the change and most importantly, your brain will be immediately stimulated.  

"Go around the problem; get the system sufficiently resilient so that it is able to change, and it will change, It doesn't have to be forced. It's that forcing that you have to avoid at all costs." 
- Ida Rolf