health from the inside out!

Functional Movement Screens help to identify restrictions through functional exercise patterns, with each selected movement revealing inhibitions, asymmetries or poor relationships between segments of the body.

This may be caused by tightened soft tissue, inflammation, built up scar tissue and poor lubrication or binding in connective tissue (fascia), located throughout the entire body. 


Often the effect of prolonged sitting, limited movement and a sedentary lifestyle is the direct cause of this build up of fascial tissue in the body. 

Imagine if you wrapped your entire body up in cling wrap, focusing largely on the joints and your torso, then tried to walk, sit down or put socks on! This is what happens at a microscopic level, but it's influence travels throughout the entire body!

FMS helps identify corrective movements needed to release this tension and consider the muscular imbalances and strength weaknesses that we all have, creating a very detailed and accurate map of the road blocks in your body. 

The best demonstration of this is to book in for a MOVEMENT CONSULTATION which includes the FMS, to see how your body reacts to release, activation and movement prior to loading it.  

how do I know if I am tight, or tight and weak?

Part of your Functional Movement Screen (FMS) will be dedicated to dynamic movements that help to identify your restrictions in reaching, compression and rotational movements. This is the best way for us to create a detailed assessment of your starting point, and where the next step is in your programming and training direction. 

A series of detailed exercises help us to identify your movement restrictions and any painful inhibitions. Each exercise breaks down movements that will become part of your training programs and corrected where possible. It's important we know where your restrictions are, work on freeing these 'glued' up areas, to create a truly unique and specific training program.