you either win or you learn!

One of the greatest privileges of working in the Fitness Industry, is the access to the inner sanctum of people's life, I mean real people! Not the clients that try one session and decide training and life don't mix for them, the 'real people' that we have the privilege of training, seeing them change, reach their goals and create inspiring journeys for.

These incredible friendships, generally start out as a movement screen, training sessions, that develop into the most rewarding experiences, and part of the greater privileges of working in the Health and Fitness Industry. 

Training athletes is a rush and very rewarding, regardless of the age, gender, size or sport! Even if you're not an 'athlete', have you ever considered that you may also have athletic potential? You may not feel your performance is goal driven. an individual sports pursuit or tied to a team, but your reasons for movement is just as clinical and important, as those driven by their sports pursuits! 

They too are, or will be; a Mother, Father, Retiree, Executive, Model, Barista, Chef, Dancer, Student or CEO of a Multi-National! 

Movement and performance benefits do not discriminate, or have a pedigree of choice, they're real, science based have incredible benefits for all! 

Some of our favourite clients we have trained, are busy professionals, pseudo athletes and every day heroes to us!

our everyday heros: